Samsung gives the first look of its flexible Phones

SDC Reveal of Samsung's Flexible Phone

Infinity Display Design

SDC saw Samsung announce several innovations on its phones. Starting with the 4 “Infinity” class displays, the first three ‘Infinity-U’, ‘Infinity-V’, and ‘Infinity O’ revealed the next generation of Samsung display design that incorporates a notch. And a fourth titled ‘New Infinity” that is a bezel-less, notch-less display design.

Samsung Infinity Notches

The flexible phone with ‘Infinity Flex Display’

Samsung also recounted its contribution and innovation to the mobile phone designs over the years, starting from the AMOLED Display launched in 2010, the larger than life (read usual) 5.3″ displays launched as part of Galaxy series in 2011, and several other innovations.

It culminated in the reveal of Infinity Flex Display, its first foldable phone that works like a compact smartphone and unfolds to reveal a large display for multitasking and viewing content.

The Infinity Flex Display was launched by Justin Denison, Samsung’s SVP of Mobile Product Marketing.

Native Android support for flexible forms

In what can be construed as sign of things to come, the event also saw Glen Murphy, who is Director and Head of Android UX at Google, highlighted Google’s deep partnership with Android and announced that Android will add native support for the flexible phones.

Samsung Infinity Display revealed at SDC
Glen Murphy announcing native support for flexible displays

Read more about Infinity Notches here and about Android’s Native support for Flexible phones here.

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