A notch above, says Samsung

Samsung Infinity Notches

In a move which can possibly irk some, Samsung has teased three “Infinity” notch design in the recently held SDC.

Infinity-U is U shaped notch similar to other phones that use this contemporary design, Infinity-V is shaped like a V.
Infinity-O is the most audacious and looks like just a small hole on the left of the screen.

Samsung also launched a “New Infinity” display that is bezel-less and notch-less.

Interestingly, the noth design is very similar to concept design made by Ben Geskin.

Samsung also used the SDC to showcase the several innovations it has done over the years and presented infographic on its AMOLED Display.

Samsung did revolutionise the mobile industry with its large screens in 2011 when it launched Galaxy Note with 5.3″ display, what was considered an outlier then is norm now.

It culminated in the launch of Samsung’s foldable display.

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