You can sync Microsoft Sticky Notes across devices

Sticky notes
Microsoft has introduced the ability to sync the quick, useful notations taken in Sticky Notes application.

In a recent announcement on Twitter, Reza Jooyandeh, Engineering Manager for Microsoft Sticky Notes, announced the revamp which also includes several other features, including a formatting bar, new themes, improved performance, and polished looks.

It also includes improved UI for touchscreens, and a container to keep all the notes.

But the key improvement is definitely the ability to sync across multiple devices and also MS Outlook.

There are plans to bring Sticky Notes to Android, iOS, and integrate with OneNote.

The improvement on the much underdeveloped and underappreciated Sticky Notes has been welcomed by the community with most showing great enthusiasm.

You can sync Microsoft Sticky Notes across devices 1

The revamped Sticky Notes also brings editing options, the users can now, e.g.

a) Format their text with
– bold,
– italic,
– underlining
– or strikethrough options

b) Create lists with bullets

c) Change the colour of the notes

Wondering how do you do the above? Watch this short video.

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