PortSmash: New vulnerabilty found on Intel CPUs

PortSmash: New vulnerabilty found on Intel CPUs 1

After a series of vulnerabilities that have been exploited by hackers, like, Meltdown and Spectre were being resolved, reportedly a new one has been found nicknamed PortSmash.

Researchers have revealed in a paper about to be published, Portsmash exploits Intel’s hyperthreading technology.

Hyperthreading which is Intel’s implementation of simultaneous multi-threading (SMT) technology, is used to perform multiple tasks at once by a CPU, thus improving the user experience and ability to run multiple applications to name a few.

The reasearches elaborate, they were able to exploit the newly discovered vulnerablity to access private key from a server running OpenSSL based TLS server.

The exploit affects Intel’s’ Skylake and Kaby Lake chips, but the researchers suggest newer and other chips that uses SMT will also be vulnerable with slight modification to the exploit.

via Ars Technica

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