Bitcoin can be used to pay for City transport across Argentina

SUBE Bitcoin
Bitcoin can be used to pay for available transportation across Argentina

SUBE cards are used for payment of transportation services across 37 major cities across Argentina. The commuters across these cities can now reload their cards using Bitcoin.

The initiative is made possible through joint efforts by Alto Viaje, which provides travel card-loading service and Bitex, a crypto fintech startup.

Bitcoin SUBE

The story first came out in the Spanish version of CoinTelegraph on FridaySUBE cards are contactless smart card system introduced in Argentina a decade ago in 2009 and can be used within the capital city of Buenos Aires apart from several other (36 as of now) cities across the country. It can also be used for trains and underground metro rails.

“For demonstrating the true value and the application of disruptive technology and to make bitcoin available to the common people in everyday life this project is of great importance.”, stated Beaudroit, CMO of Bitex.

This marks one of the biggest implementations where a cryptocurrency is being used as a payment transaction service being used by almost 7 million people.

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