Apple blocks Google’s internal apps

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Google's internal apps have been disabled by Apple

Following the blocking of internal apps of Facebook, Apple has revoked the certificates of Google resulting in it’s internal apps not working on iPhone.

Both Facebook and Google were caught violating the Terms of Service of Apple’s Developer Enterprise Program that allows organisations to install and run test or internal applications on iPhone. To enable this Apples provides a certificate that provides the necessary permission the app to function on iPhone.

However, as per the TOS, the enterprise can only use it to allow it’s employees to install apps on the phone. This is due to the fact that these certificates provide several permissions which are not provided in apps on the App Store, to protect the privacy of the users.

Both Facebook and Google side-stepped this agreement and encourages users as young as 13 years to install apps that tracks their browsing habits.

Facebook paid it’s users $20 per month to allow it’s data-capturing VPN app to track everything about the users phone. Google also tried something similar and both were caught within two days of each other.

While Google disabled the app and issued a public apology, Facebook were forced by Apple to discontinue the practice after being warned about the possibility of all of Facebooks apps being disabled.

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