Germany to fully switch to renewable energy by 2038

Germany renewable energy
Cold-fired power plant accounts for 40% of global energy production

Germany is planning to fully power itself using renewable energy and to shut down all of its 84 coal-fired power plants over the next two decades.

This follows the earlier decision to also shut down the 22 nuclear power plants in wake of Fukushima disaster by 2022, only 3 power plants left operation as of 2019.

Fossil fuels, including coal, provides almost 45% of Germany’s overall power needs. With Nuclear and renewable energy making up for the other 55%. So the decision essentially means Germany will switch to only renewable sources of energy.

Germany renewable energy
Germany will be running on 100% renewable energy

The planned move is a major shift in the energy policy of Germany, also known as Energiewende, and a massive improvement over its earlier target of 60% renewable energy by 2050. Energiewende itself was deemed ambitious and would have cut greenhouse gas emissions by 80-90%.

“This is an historic accomplishment,”
Ronald Pofalla, chairman of the commission,

The announcement marks the end of a 7-month process of discussions in the German government, which was led by Ronald Pofalla the outcome of which was the decision to shut down all coal-fired power plants in Germany by 2038.

The implementation plan is expected to cost roughly $45 billion to ease the transition of regions that predominantly rely on coal energy.


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