News has been hacked has been hacked has been hacked has been reportedly hacked and the forum is down.

According to early reports, the popular Bitcoin marketplace has been compromised and users are being targeted with phishing attacks. Also, the forum has been temporarily brought offline to protect the users.

Users have been intimated through official Twitter handle and also the subreddit on local bitcoins.

According tot he LocalBitcoins’ advisory on Reddit, the exchange is safe to use now but the forums have been disabled will further notice. is still trying to assess the damage

The peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange which enables users to trade the cryptocurrency in local currently, noticed the attack in morning 10:00 UTC, and the attackers managed to gain access to the forum.

When a registered user who had already logged in tried to visit the forum they were asked to log into their account as if they were logged out.

The users who tried logging in again were presented with a phising site and the resulting 2FA codes were used to empty the customer account.

LocalBicoins has since suspended the withdrawls pending further investigation, in the meanwhile the exchange and transactions are operational again.


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