Take the Google Phishing Quiz to spot if you’re being phished

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Google Phishing Quiz will help you spot if you're being phished

Phishing has become increasingly innovative and intricate, and we need to educate ourselves on how to protect ourselves from such attacks.

Usually phishing attempts are in form of an email communication where the users is tricked into entering sensitive details using various tricks.

Google has just released a fun but extremely detailed interactive game to help educate users on the common tricks used for phishing attacks.

The challenge, which is a quiz developed by Jigsaw, a Google subsidiary, presents 8 scenarios and asks the users to guess if they are legitimate or a phishing attempt, some of them inspired by real events.

And believe us, they are tricky, nobody that I know, including me managed to get all right with several getting the best of 7/8.

Did you get all of them correct? Post your score in comments below.

Take the Google Phishing quiz here.

Google Phishing Quiz

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