F1 driver suffers a shock upset by a videogamer in real race

The margins between virtual and real racing is slimming

A race pitted a professional F1 driver against a gamer trained on simulation games on a race track in Mexico, ended with an epic upset with the gamer winning the race.

Now, Lucas di Grassi may not be a Lewis Hamilton but the fact that he races in Formula 1 means he is pretty good, and a video gamer beating him in a real game just proved two things:

a) Video Games have become extremely realistic
b) Esports is as good as any other professional competition

But to be fair to Lucas Di Grassi, the competition would have put him in disadvantage with slower cars and smaller tracks that reduces the margins to an extent, yet a videogamer who only had played simulation racing games turned up and managed to beat a professional driver did shock the commentators.

But the gaming community was not surprised and in fact have been expecting this to happen sooner or later.

Watch professional game Enzo Bonito beat former F1 driver Lucas Di Grassi

The realism of Sim Racing

Enzo benito esports F1 driver videogame
eSports has become a $2 billion industry

The Sim racing games of current generation have hyper-realistic details and simulate a racing car attributes like wind shear, weight, and tire wear, apart from the mechanics. Also most advanced Sim games have a streering wheel control and not keyboard-mourse controls making it comparable to real world.

The Sim games have become so good that unlike real world, where a driver goes through years of training, esports racers are able to gain the same level of expertise in just a few year, as in case of Enzo Bonito.

Not a fluke, Enzo Bonito also bet an Indy 500 champion next day

Enzo Bonito also proved that the ability of eSports drivers to challenge real world drivers and his win against the F1 driver wasn’t a fluke. He went on to beat Ryan Hunter-Reay, a three time Indy 500 winner, just the next day.

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