Google Maps will warn drivers about speed traps

Google Maps Speed Trap Limit

Frustrated by police sneakily setting up speed traps to catch you for overspeeding? Google Maps will warn you now of legal speed limits and speed traps that have been spotted by users.

The feature was first spotted by Android Police and Google is rolling out the features in Google Maps in several countries including UK, USA, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Canada and India. Though the speed limit feature will be piloted only in USA and UK for now.

The features were long expected as Google had acquired Wave for nearly $1 billion and was known to provide these details on its navigation app.

Speed Traps is shown as camera icon to users during navigation

The app will also warn users about speed camera which have been spotted and reported by users through audio interrupts. The navigation will also show the location of speed cameras with a camera icon.

The speed limit feature has beena available for a while in select cities in USA, however, it is being now launched across several countries and likely will a global rollout within next year.

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