Free Github users can now have unlimited private repositories

Github Free
Free Github users can avail the offer now

In a move that will definitely recieve mix reactions, Github is now offering unlimited private repositories for free-tier users.

The move is expected to benefit developers that want to use private repos to apply for a job, build a side project, or test something before releasing it publicly.

For private repositories, the number of collaborators are limited to three while for public repositories it continues to remain unlimited.

Github is the largest host of source code in the world, used by approximately 32 million users who collaborate across almost 60 million repositories, of which 27 million is public.

There are though doubts cast by the community who believe there is a chance developers will take their work private to hide from others thus reducing the collaboration. In the current model, free users could only store their source code in a public repository meaning anybody could download the code, modify it, and use it.

So several projects that were public due to the necessity of developers not being able to afford the paid version may be marked private.

Github is used by over 28 million users to collaborate across 57 million repositories.

First major change in Github since acquisition

The announcement made by the CEO Nat Friedman is the first major change in the Github business since the acquisition by Microsoft in 2018.

Also announced is Github Enterprise – repository for Enterprise clients

The Github Enterprise is a new unified product for Enterprise Cloud and Enterprise Server for organisations that want the flexibility of cloud or self-hosted repository. Both are available at a per-seat price to its enterprise clients.

While many will welcome the changes, most community members think this change is for the worse and fundamentally changes the Github ecosystem.

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