Breaking News: Apple to assemble iPhones in India from in 2019

iPhone has been banned
iPhone 8 is among the phones banned in China

Apple will start assembly of its high-end iPhones in India from 2019, according to a report by Reuters, and may open the first Apple Store in India.

The move is potentially aimed towards complying with regulations in India around the opening of single-brand showrooms, which states that any entity wishing to open such store should manufacture 70% of the equipment used in India.

The move may also be directed towards avoidance of tariffs in the ongoing trade war between USA and China.

The assembly will be done by Apple’s partner, Foxconn and only the top-end models will be assembled.

This is a deviation from the current strategy of assembling only the low-end phones in India and will help ease tariffs on the high-end models. Apple currently has less than 1% share in the Indian mobile space.

According to estimates, the assembly plant which is likely to be situated in the Southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, will create 25,000 – 30,000 jobs.

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