Best Android Apps 2018 Edition (Part-1)

Android apps 2018 picks best android apps 2018

I have more than 150 apps installed on my mobile phone. These range from utility apps to note taking, video editors to wallpapers apps and more. It does make sense to say that I use 20-30 out of these 150+ apps on regular basis. Sounds a bit like Pareto’s principle ! In this article, I’d like to share detail of these apps with you. Do let us know in the comments what do you think about this list. Read on !

Notes and Reminders

No app list is complete without a note-taking app. There are three such in our list today. Including a calendar app which we roughly put into this bucket.

Tick-Tick: First up is Tick-Tick, a free to use which is a fantastic to-do and reminders app. Integrates well with calendar and offers segregating different work spaces into lists. If you are into theming and personalisation this is a great option with some premium features as well. The advantage comes in form of pop up notifications that catches your attention and actions if needed. Another nice feature in this app is ‘Pomo’ which essentially gives you the option of time management technique wherein you work for 25 minutes with a break in between. This way you can manage tasks in your list to complete more efficiently. With cross platform support and regular updates, this app has no competition. Download from Google Play store here.

Google Keep: This had to be included. Especially with the new redesign and pastel colors Google Keep is here to stay. Google Keeps comes with cross platform support, at least via web app, and regular updates. We don’t rely much on the reminders functionality but definitely use the note taking capability. With features such as OCR (extract text from images added to notes), sharing with other Google users, voice transcript (when users speak, Google Keep captures what you say and convert to text) and eye catching colors which can be added to notes, Google Keep is pretty much a solid note taking app. Download from Google Play store here.

Google Calendar: With a clean look and Product Sans font, Google’s very own Calendar app is a solid option that also comes built-in as system app in many Android devices. There are options to select national holidays as per the Country of choice to show on your calendar, multiple views (I prefer the Schedule format), an option to color code manually events from various calendars or types or events. There’s a cool art at the end of each month, which started earlier as an easter egg during new year few years ago. The reason why I really use this is the cleanliness of the calendar widget that provides you the right information in the right format making the content legible. Download at Google Play store here.

Media Editors (Audio / Video / Photo)

Next in line are the media editors. This consists of photo editing softwares and video/audio editing softwares. Honestly there isn’t a single simple video editing software in Android at par with Apple’s iMovie. Having said that Android does have more powerful but complex editors like Kinemaster. For an end user, purpose is to quickly edit a video before sharing with friends – the app covered below might just be the right mix of simplicity and prowess.

Quik: Developed by GoPro, same company which manufactures GoPro Hero series actions cameras and drones, have an Android app apparently. The app lets users import videos and images and offers several themes to choose from. Once you do that, it automatically creates a video. You can edit the background music and add new either from the list of musics the app provides or import your own. Each theme brings a different flavour to the video, some offer a retro look while others providing colorful transitions and cut-scenes. Try it yourself ! The video itself can be edited if you want, but the app itself does a good job of trimming unwanted clips from the videos that you export. Download Quik from playstore here.

Snapseed: Coming a long way from being a startup to being acquired by Google and improving at every update, Snapseed is a fantastic way to quickly touch up your beautiful selfies for Instagram or make that landscape shot worthy of a Facebook cover. We will be covering some excellent (& Creepy) Snapseed features in our future posts, however briefly it offers many prefetched filters which Snapseed calls ‘Looks’. There are also plenty of ways you can edit you pictures such as standard tune image option or the curve tool. The auto correction in ‘Crop’ tool where Snapseed straightens the image automatically is helpful. Download Snapseed for Android here.

Timbre: I use Timbre to edit audio mostly, however it offers some video editing capabilities as well. Nothing too fancy, it lets you join, cut or split audio files. It also converts files from one format to another, letting you increase tempo, bitrate or volume if needed. Download Timbre from Google play store here.


Well there a quite a few apps which I classify as utilities or tools which can be used daily to speed up or facilitate tasks. In this article, Part 1, only a couple have been included. We’ll cover some more in Part 2 later.

Pushbullet: If you read app description provided by Pushbullet, it markets itself mostly as a tool that lets you reply to SMS from your PC and receive Android notifications on your PC. The way I like to use it is to push web links from one device to another. It also comes handy if you want to transfer a small file from mobile to PC or vice-versa. Download Pushbullet from Playstore here.

Fooview: This is a swiss knife of Android softwares. We should definitely add an article reviewing FooView which is essentially a lot of handy features built into single app. Quoting the app detail itself, fooView provides a handy shortcut, a floating button that can trigger tens of Android operations via gestures. Download fooView here.


Nothing significant. Just couple of wallpapers app which are really cool.

Miluwalls: First is Miluwalls which offers fantastic wallpapers with a matte finish and minimal looks. It’s not free but worth spending a dollar. Download Miluwalls from Google play store here

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HexShaders: This is a live wallpaper app which offers excellent quality pixelated live wallpapers with shader programs. No frame rate drop or performance issues for us. There are numerous options to choose from all of which are pixelated forms of shader programs. Download Hexshaders from Google play store here

That’s all for this segment, more in Part 2. Here’s wishing you a fantastic holiday season !

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