iPhone banned in Germany by a Court

iPhone banned in Germany by a Court 1
iPhone 8 is among the phones banned in China

Following on the footsteps of a Chinese Court’s ban on iPhone sales in China, a court in Germany has banned sales of certain iPhone models in Germany ruling that Apple had infringed on a hardware patent of Qualcomm.

A Reuters report confims that Apple has said it will pull some iPhone models with chips from Apple supplier Qorvo Inc. from German stores.

The court has asked Qualcomm to post a bong of $765 million before the order is enfored, however Apple can appeal the ruling which will grant them some interim relief. In the meanwhile, Apple will pull some phones while an appeal is lodged.

The judge who made the ruling, Matthias Zigann, stated in his judgement that iPhones with chips from both Intel and Qorvo violated a Qualcomm patent for “envelope tracking” that helps batteries last longer.

The ruling does not affect the latest iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and iPhone XS Max.

While according to Apple, it would avoid the Chinese ban by pushing a software update, the German ban won’t be that easy to circumvent sinc eit affects the hardware.

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