Gboard has 500 languages and 40 scripts

Gboard Demo
Gboard now supports over 500 languages

Google has gone on offensive and really wants Android users to switch over to its products.

Overtime Gboard (who we rate as the 3rd best keyboard out there) has accumulated support for over 500 languages with over a hundred added in the last few months.

Gboard which is usually bundled with stock Android is the most used keyboard in the world with over 1 billion installs was launch only two years ago has been slowly gathering features and claims to support not just languages but specific dialects and more than 40 language families (including Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic, Devanagari, etc.).

Many of Gboard’ languages are not widely used in publication and internet, which hasn’t stopped Google in developing them in a push to reach out to more users who are comfortable in their own native language and script.

Google claims in a blog post, that Gboard can be used by more than 90% of the world to type in their first language.

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