Apple will update iPhone software in China to circumvent ban

Apple will update iPhone software in China to circumvent ban 1
"Apple iPhone 6"

Apple, in a bid to avoid a ban on iPhone in China, will push an update for its iOS on iPhones according to a report by Reuters.

The update will start rolling in from next week and is targeted at complying with the court order by a Chinese court had ruled that iPhone had infringed upon Qualcomm’s patents, and banned iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Other models including the latest iPhone XS and XR remained outside of the scope of the ban.

Unlikely that it is the end of the saga

While Apple maintains that the Court’s ruling applies to only the phone’s software and that its latest version iOS 12, does not infringe on the patents in question, Qualcomm is adamant that the ruling applies on the entire phone and not just the software and have moved the court to ban iPhone XR and XS as well.

Apple claims, Qualcomm is trying to push them into a settlement of the using the bans as a leverage.

The long running dispute between the two tech firms is one of a series of disputes across the globe with Qualcomm accusing Apple of stealing its source code and sharing it with rivals and Apple claiming that Qualcomm has been overcharging them for use of its patents.

The rivalry has resulted in Apple looking at Intel to provide the chipset for its 5G Phone, which has resulted in a delay of the launch to 2020.

While Qualcomm has already tied up with Samsung and OnePlus to launch 5G phones a year earlier in 2019.

With so much at stake, and the nature of the feud, Apple will not relent and settle, and Qualcomm will not be satisfied with just a software update.

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