iPhone has been banned

iPhone has been banned 1
iPhone 8 is among the phones banned in China

Apple has been in a long-running battle with Qualcomm over patent violations, and as per Qualcomm statement released yesterday, a Chinese court has banned sale of seven recent iPhone models, including the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

While the ruling was on the iPhone ban was passed on November 30, Qualcomm chose to announce it yesterday.

Apple downplays the iPhone ban, Qualcomm counters

Apple has told news and media outlets that the court ruling has not taken effect and the newer iPhone 8 and iPhone X are unaffected by the ban. According to Apple, the ruling applies to only the older versions of iOS software and the actual devices remain legal.

Qualcomm, in a statement to Ars Technica, countered the claims stating, “The preliminary injunction orders are effective now”, and that “The orders aren’t specific tot he operating system installed on the phones.”

The ruling may finally force Apple and Qualcomm to settle the case

The different interpretations of the ban by Qualcomm and Apple has raised more questions than answers.

On one hand, if the issue is only the software, Apple can patch it to avoid the infringment issues. However, on the other hand, Qualcomm claims a blanket ban will be enforced by the court.

Qualcomm has been a trusted wireless chip provider for iPhone for several years, are embroiled with Apple in the case which has been ongoing for over a year, forcing Apple to look towards Intel for its 5G chipsets for the upcoming 5G phone in 2020.

According, to industry experts, the ban could give the leverage that Qualcomm needs to settle the case with Apple and position its chipset for future models.

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