First Images from NASA’s InSight rover are stunning

First Images by InSight
First Images by InSight

via NASA Twitter

InSight, the latest probe sent by NASA has landed on the Martian Surface and begun sending back images which are breathtaking.

The mission, which took over six months to complete the flight from Earth to Marks, is equipped with sensors to measure heat being dissipated by the surface, a seismometer to detect plate movements, and another antenna to map the North Pole’s location on Mars.

The Eight Probe to land on Mars

The mission control team at work

InSight is the eighth time a probe has landed successfully on Mars and is designed to study the interior of Mars. The NASA believes this would help in future manned missions to Moon and then subsequently Mars.

InSight will start collecting data in the first week of operation once preliminary checks are complete.

The probe entered the Martian atmosphere while clocking speeds of almost 20,000 km/h and took seven minutes to land while performing a sequence of operations without any mistakes or errors.

The mission also consisted of deploying two cubesats (Marco A and B).

What will InSight do on Mars?

InSight is deemed to be an important mission by NASA scientists in the bid to understand how the internal mechanisms of a planet work on Mars specifically.

It will relay back data stream from its 3 sensors.

a) A seismometer to measure plate an and quakes (marsquakes) emanating from the Mars’ interior or caused by external factors like meteors etc.

b) A heat sensor to detect the heat flow from beneath the surface of of Mars.

c) Track and locate the magnetic North Pole of Mars.

This will help scientists study the structure of the planet, evolution and differences with Earth.

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