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We love technology and we want others to love it as much as we do, hence we are building a tech media company that is focused on providing information that matters, is relevant, free of noise, and quenches the thirst of knowledge of its readers.

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Our news and editorial content are focused on Science & Technology, Security & Privacy, and Gadgets & Apps.

We cut through the noise in technology reporting and only bring news that marks a significant development. So while we would shy away from reporting on what song a CEO is singing, we will talk about that song the Mars rover is playing.

Free Professional Grade Tutorials & Training

We believe that knowledge should not be cost prohibitive, so we strive to provide tutorial courses that are professional grade but costs a coffee or less.

Our tutorials as of now cover the following topics, with more being added soon:

  1. AWS Cloud
  2. Excel
  3. Analytics
  4. Python

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